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Learn about the most common steroid side effects

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What are the major steroid side effects?

Steroid abuse has become a hot topic of discussion these
days. If you do not follow the correct guidelines of the steroid manufacturer,
you will have to face a good number of side effects. Several aspects should be
taken into consideration while taking steroids and they include your exact muscle
building requirements, correct dose and most suitable steroid cycle as well. When
you undermine the importance of these aspects, you may have to deal with the
following side effects:


Brain damage

Steroids make a negative impact on your brain and various research studies show that abnormal testosterone
levels lead to aggressive behavior including violent acts. When you consume
high levels of steroids regularly, you become highly vulnerable to psychotic tendencies
and heightened level of anxiety. Other side effects include disturbed sleep,
paranoia, euphoric tendencies, depression and extreme mood swings and, in extreme
cases, formations of split personalities have also been reported.


Facial changes, hair eruption, bad breath and acne

Excess intake of steroids results in higher water retention in your body and such a situation
develops round face with cheeks. Facial hair eruptions can be found in females
and many people have to deal with bad breath as well. Female users develop a
husky voice and acne formation on face and body can be described as another
prominent side effect.

Eye-related complications

Eye damage is one of the leading steroid side effects and long term users may have to deal with permanent
eye damage. A good number of people experience eye infections, cataract and glaucoma
as well.


Hair damage

Hair damage can always be associated with steroid abuse and male pattern baldness has been
observed in both men and women. Mindless intake of steroids facilitates dihydrotestosterone
(DHT) production and this situation weakens hair follicles in a serious manner.
When you use steroids for a prolonged period of time, you have to face
permanent hair loss with decreasing hair follicles.

Heart diseases and unhealthy blood pressure levels

Some people  experience cardiovascular complications with sustained steroid consumption because
these drugs increase your cholesterol levels rapidly. Cholesterol buildup in
the blood vessels leads to heart attacks and strokes and, high levels blood
pressure can always be associated with steroid abuse.


Stomach and kidney related problems

Many users often feel that their stomachs are bloated and it can be described as a highly irritating
experience. Nausea and vomiting can also be linked with steroid abuse and you may
also experience irritation on the stomach lining. Another side effect of
steroids is the kidney related problems and prolonged use of steroids adversely
affect filtration system of the kidneys to cause serious health complications.



If you do not follow a healthy steroid cycle, you may have to deal with these types of side effects
and such a method of approach decreases the quality of your life in many ways. Top
body builders and athletes take muscle pills by following the strict guidelines of
the manufacturers and fitness experts to avoid the possibility of any side effects
and this method of approach makes their steroid use highly effective and
successful as well.

Plexus Slim- A Wonder Weight Loss Supplement

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plexus slim

Plexus Slim has been billed as one of the most affordable weight management products that boasts of no side effects based on the company’s extensive clinical research. This sounds impressive, but does Plexus Slim work or it’s just another weight loss drug on the block? What are its ingredients? Let’s delve further in this comprehensive review.

Who Makes PlexusSlim?

According to BBB, this weight loss supplement is manufactured by Plexus Worldwide Inc that started its operations in Scottsdale, Arizona in 2005.

To purchase the plexus weight loss supplement you need to either buy it from the company’s website or through some PlexusSlim distributor. The company calls them “Ambassadors”. On company’s website there is a calendar of PlexusSlim events. These events serve not only as marketing forums for company but also help them recruit new Ambassadors. So the company has a MLM (multi level marketing) aspect to it.

Ingredients and Nutrition Information

* Total Carbohydrdates-3 grams (2% DV)
* Chromium Polynicotinate-200 micrograms ( 168% DV)
* Plexus Slim Blend (composed of the following) 530 mg
• Green Coffee Bean Extract
• Garcinia Cambogia Fruit Extract

• Alpha Lipoic Acid

How Much Does it Cost?

One of the slogans for PlexusSlim is “At last, a completely affordable weight management solution. We guess it depends on how you actually define “affordable”. On company’s website, you will find different prices depending on whether you want to buy it just once or would want to get billed each month automatically.

Is it OK When Breast Feeding?

Some women wonder if they can take this supplement while they’re breast feeding. Well, its not recommended for them because some of the ingredients can slip into the breast milk, and then baby may get those ingredients too. However, if you do want to take this supplement in these circumstances, you can consult your doctor.

How Much Caffeine?

The Plexus Slim nutrition label states that it contains less than 3% caffeine which mainly comes from green coffee bean extract. This is completely safe even if you stick to this supplement for a very long time.

60-days Money Back Guarantee

It comes with a complete 60 day money back guarantee. You can easily buy it online from company’s website. If you want to buy it from Plexus Ambassadors, you can call company to discuss your details and requirement before you proceed further.

Does Plexus Slim Have Any Side Effects?

It is completely safe weight loss supplement that does not interfere or react with any other supplement or medication. You can take it safely for a long time without worrying about its side effects.

Are you interested in buying this weight loss supplement??

Before you proceed further and spend money, you must understand that there are different ways to buy this product. Plexus has successfully developed different payment levels depending on what fits your needs.

So if you want to try out some of its amazing products, it’s best to first check out the variety available there on the website. There’s surely one in particular that might help you get back your body in healthy shape so you’re poised to start living a more healthy life.


All in all, Plexus Slim is a wonderful weight loss supplement that has been made using completely safe ingredients that have proved their efficacy. It’s affordable and delivery is fast. Moreover, it comes with a solid 60-days money back guarantee.

Diet Supplements

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diet supplements


Dietary supplements are totally different from the weight
loss pills. Some people may confuse them to be the same. But they are quite
different from each other. Generally people who are involved in a busy schedule
are more likely to consume these natural dietary supplements.

Such dietary supplements are used for such cases in which
the food intake does not supply the proper nutrients. Such supplements supply
the right amount of minerals and proteins which cannot be consumed through the
everyday diet.


If you think that diet supplements are the integral part of the day to day life then you are
absolutely wrong. If you are taking such a diet that is rich of essential
ingredients then taking diet supplements are unnecessary. There is one more thing which should be kept in mind that we cannot consume them as medicines. Proper usage of a diet supplement is a must if
you are using them regularly.


If you are going through a busy and tight schedule then it is natural that you do not pay attention on your diet. In such case diet supplements work just like the food which is full of nutrients. But they are not completely adequate enough to replace the proper food. They help in improving many health conditions and problems.
Different types of diet supplements are required for different conditions. It totally depends upon your needs and intakes to determine what kind of diet supplement is required for you.

Different Types of Diet Supplements

There are various diet supplements depending upon the need of the person.

1. Vitamins

When the vitamin cannot be synthesized well by the body then we have to take the diet supplement of vitamin.

2. Minerals

They are also known as dietary elements and essential for the body growth.

Other types of diet supplements are Amino
Acids, Proteins, Herbal medicines, fatty acids, body building supplement and
many more.

Pros and Cons

Diet supplements have some advantages and disadvantages
which are really necessary to be discussed.


They are the simplest way to complete the basic nutrient
requirement of the body. They can be in any shape like capsules, tablets or any form
of liquid. This makes them easy to take.

They are certified by the FDA which means they are trusted.


All the diet supplements are only certified by the FDA but
not used. If their consumption becomes an addiction then it can be
very dangerous for the health.They should not be confused with the medicines because they
are totally different from that. Sometimes they can cause the extra vitality in the body
which increases the adrenaline rush like an energy drink.


Sometimes these diet supplements can prove to be very important for the overall growth of the body. But you should not make your body completely dependent on them. This can turn out to be very hazardous
eventually. Once you get addicted to these supplements then you body
will no longer respond to the natural ways. So it would be much better if you
consume the small amount of these diet supplements.